Attention SaaS Startup Leaders:

Hockey-stick your revenue without breaking the bank.

The fastest way to double your revenue is cutting the sales cycle by attracting your ideal customers right as they're about to buy.
Kevin's Appearance on the Modern Sales Management podcast discussing the unfair advantage of inbound on the sales cycle with Joshua Paul

Did you know outbound leads take 2x longer to close than inbound leads?

Throwing new sales reps at your revenue problem doesn't fix it.

Adding new sales reps doesn't always mean a bump in revenue. It takes the typical sales rep 7 months to produce at the same level as their peers. 

If your goals have a shorter timetable, a new hiring push may not get you where you need to go. Additionally, every other new hire will reset the time to results.

Instead, leverage your existing sales reps and simply reduce their sales cycle with inbound leads of ready to buy prospects. 

Without leveraging inbound leads, you'll spend $100,000+ in new salaries for reps that take months to ramp up.

Let me introduce you to your new inbound machine.

  • In depth keyword research to identify what your ideal clients are looking for so you snatch ready-to-buy prospects from competitors.
  • High converting landing pages custom made to each search term opportunity so advertising platforms rank you higher.
  • ​Copy written ads with 8 different split tests designed to find the best angle for your value proposition.
  • ​Social and Display ads designed to convert and drive targeted traffic to your landing pages.
  • ​Advertising modifiers and rules that will identify the best times, demographics, and audiences for your ads.
  • ​Custom-made email followup campaigns created to drive qualified leads through your funnel.

Hear from a few of our happy startups

Scott Schrand

Kevin was able to connect us with great school leaders who, in turn, were able to take advantage of our suite of products. He was easily able to adapt the campaign in a rapidly changing environment due to COVID-19. 

Jerrod Bailey
Hoot Medical

Kevin Mead is the best contractor you'll work with this year... There are only two or three people in this town with a technical, full-stack marketing skillset that holds its own against Bay Area talent. Kevin is one of them.

Retta Kekic

Kevin is the ever-elusive marketing ninja... Every department within our company relied heavily on Kevin as he was a true asset to every team.

Leverage the experience of $98,720 in ad spend with an average 3x ROI per client

Salestream has been managing advertising campaigns for 3 years, experimenting with the best way to generate qualified leads for B2B SaaS Startups that buy.

We've tested the best landing pages, ad templates, and strategies to identify the best way to launch your advertising channel.

With this process, our #1 priority is to generate revenue and reduce your sales cycle so you don't need to add new sales people to scale. Fill out the form below to get started!

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